Happy Halloween!

I hope all the month of October has been full of pumpkin carving, creative costumes, and apple picking. In regards to costumes, my husband and I dressed as the cast from our favorite play Hamilton. As for our kids: a unicorn frappuccino, blue power ranger, and little red riding hood. 

November is just around the corner, and this is a great opportunity to start the month off right. In summer months, its important to wear sunscreen, but it is also crucial during the transition months. Particularly, the dryness in the air takes a toll on our exposed skin. As the temperature drops, the moisture in the air evaporates which can cause skin irritations.

During this time, I use products I know work well with my skin in relation to the cold temperatures. Before leaving the house, I always reach for Restaura or Acqua Profondo C. A small droplet a day not only does wonders, but goes a very long way. I’ve noticed Restaura is best used at night or during cold temperature days when the skin is more prone to dryness. It is crucial to apply a moisturizer daily to prevent irritation and cracking of the skin.

Here at Aesthetics Skin Chicago we offer only the best treatment options to our clients. Our skin care products contain medical grade ingredients and must be purchased here at the office. Each product can be modified to individual skin needs, giving the best possible results.

Gear up and get ready to take on the first frost with moisturized skin!

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