Ask Me Anything – Tightening My Vagina After 40

Dr. Sameea Chughtai is asked many questions on her Instagram Account seeking her expertise in Female / Vaginal Rejuvenation. We thought it would be a great help to everyone if she did an “Ask Me Anything” or AMA session about Female / Vaginal Rejuvenation. We have taken the most frequently asked questions and asked Dr. Sameea her thoughts.

Question from Des Moines, IA:

I recently turned 40 and I’ve been noticing for a few years now that my vagina looks lax and saggy, is there a way to make it look tighter?

So there’s a couple of options for this particular problem. We have the Votiva machine. It is a radio frequency device, and there are two different hand pieces that can be used in the outside area for tightening and to improve laxity.

So first there’s the Forma V which is a non-invasive very comfortable procedure that can help tighten the outside area.

There’s also the Fractora V. It’s almost like microneedling because there are pins that go into the tissue and deliver that energy deeper into the tissues for a greater tightening effects. That one, we need to put a little bit of numbing medication on there because it is a little bit uncomfortable due to the pins that are pressed against the skin to deliver the energy.

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