We all have our own insecurities that we don’t like to bring to the forefront. We simply dwell on them in our private thoughts. But what if we voiced today the common fact of the matter: women of all ages and all backgrounds have insecurities. The commonality of our insecurities is that we all have them.


So let’s talk about it!


From the appearance of our skin to the way a dress fits our curves, our perception of how we look can often make us self-conscious about how we appear to others.

And that’s okay!

We’re all different and beautiful in our own ways. That’s what makes us unique. And yes, with today’s modern medicines and procedures, we can help diminish some of those insecurities.

We were surprised to learn from a survey by Refinery29 that one of the most common female insecurities involve the appearance of their vaginas. Based on this survey, a vast number of women reported feeling that their vaginas appeared “abnormal” and over 70% admitted to comparing their vaginas to others in the porn and media industry. Women have commented that they are most insecure about their vaginal shape, coloring, and size. This brings forth a concern that women are resorting to surgical routes to change their natural vaginal appearances, when maybe, they don’t need to.


It is important for women to know that vaginas are not all the same, and they certainly don’t need to look the same! Like the rest of our bodies, the vagina goes through aging over time.

Collagen loss will cause the skin to fall and childbirth often results in laxity.  Because of this aging process, many women fall insecure to this appearance, grieving for the days their vagina used to appear fit and healthy.


Dr. Sameea Chughtai, who performs Vaginal Rejuvenation in Chicago, IL, delivers the philosophy of providing healthy-looking aesthetics of the vagina. Votiva treatments can help many women combat their aesthetics brought upon by aging and overall diminish their insecurities. This option is reasonably affordable, without leaving women turning over the burdens of downtime and high costs labiaplasty procedures.


Dr. Chughtai stresses the importance of seeking a Female Rejuvenation specialist, especially for women who are concerned about their vaginal appearance.

“It’s important for women to have this talk. There are a lot of questions women have that are left unanswered when they don’t seek professional advice,” Dr. Sameea states. 


If you have vaginal insecurities or want to inquire about non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation in Chicago IL, please click here, to schedule a consultation.



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