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What is Female Hair Restoration?

Female Hair Restoration is the process of using regenerative medicine to treat hair growth issues in women. Platelet Rich Plasma is used for hair regrowth, skin rejuvenation and for female rejuvenation.  PRP is an in-office, non surgical procedure that is performed by using patient’s own blood. The blood is separated by centrifuge to obtain the PRP which contains growth factors which have been clinically shown to stimulate hair follicles, build collagen, increase blood supply and help with healing.  The procedure takes about 1 hour with the majority of time is spent preparing the PRP. Since PRP is the patient’s own blood there is no risk for allergy, hypersensitivity or rejection of the product. Improvements in hair growth are usually seen visually in 6-12 months. The volume enhancement in the face is a natural result and is more subtle compared to filler.  

AS Female Hair Restoration

Patient came in with a thinning front hairline. After just two Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, she saw a dramatic increase of hair growth.


PRP Treatment For Alopecia - Female Rejuvenation Chicago

PRP Treatment For Alopecia – Female Rejuvenation Chicago

The scalp will be numbed using a ring block technique injecting local anesthetic to decrease any pain.  Micro- injections of the PRP

Following the procedure there is usually a brief period of inflammation where the scalp and face  may be a little pink and numb for a few hours. Swelling can happen about 15% of the time and is usually noticed on the forehead or around the eye on the next day. Swelling usually improves in 1-2 days.  Few patients report mild headache the next day.

Patients who have the following are not good candidates for PRP :

Blood and platelet disorders

Chronic liver disease

Active severe infection

Cardiovascular instability

Anticoagulation therapy (warfarin)

Recent steroid therapy needs to be discussed

Smoking should be stopped

Post procedure care:

No activity restriction. You are able to exercise as usual

You can shampoo/condition hair after 3-4 hours (next day better)

No harsh chemical coloring or perming for 3 days

Can resume topical like minoxidil the next day

Laser therapy can be resumed the next day

ARTAS robot information

Eyebrow- PRP and hair transplant