Dr. Sameea As Seen On WGN

Dr. Sameea as seen on WGN


Dr. Sameea Chughtai has been featured on WGN for her groundbreaking work with her contributions to women’s health. Dr. Sameea  is a Female Rejuvenation specialist in Chicago, IL.  She has helped hundreds of patients feel more confident about themselves and their daily routines.


She has also been featured along with her Dr. Anil Shah for their revolutionary work in hair restoration with Aesthetic Scalp.


And their body shaping advancement with CoolSculpting FX.


Dr. Sameea’s goal is to help get the word out that women’s health is an important aspect that tends to be ignored. Her appearances on WGN have gotten the word out as clients from around the country have come to see her with their health questions.