Cream vs. Machine

So you are reaching menopause and your body is changing.  Your doctor wants to prescribe a cream but is there a better way? A common question for me is what’s better? Cream vs. Machine?

First of all, let’s talk about what we are trying to fix:  female function.  To put that in other words we want our healthy vaginal mucosa back and our vagina functioning pre menopause and if possible pre baby too!!  

What Happens Over Time?

So what happens over time is our vagina will lose its mucosal thickness.  The result is that the vagina can thin and atrophy and causing painful sexual intercourse.  Dryness can lead to constant irritation, bleeding, itching and other daily pain as well.  Without healthy vaginal mucosa, you are susceptible to infections as well.  Finally, much of being a women is how we feel older and less feminine.

How Does a Cream Work?

A cream is typically either hormonal or lubricative nature.  Lubrication natures are a kind of lotion and need to be applied daily.  They only treat symptom and do not actually make your mucosa functioning again.  They are inexpensive and are mostly used during intercourse.  Hormonal creams such as premarin have estrogen as the main ingredient.  There are more than 20 types of creams speaks to ubiquitousness of vaginal mucosa thinning.  They are typically applied manually in the affected area although they are sometimes suppositories in pellet forms.  One common issue I hear from patients is that creams can be messy and uncomfortable and expensive even with insurance.  My biggest concern with creams aside from ease of use is that patients often complain about staining of clothing.  Another issue is that there may be systemic side effects albeit much lower than oral hormonal replacement.

How Does the Machine Work?

To be more specific we are talking about Votiva (my favorite and you can read about why I think Votiva is the best overall machine for women’s health on my website).  Votiva uses radiofrequency current to stimulate not only the mucosa but the underlying soft tissue and muscle complex.  From a mucosal standpoint, Votiva will thicken mucosa and improve dryness.  One additional side benefit is that Votiva actually improves blood flow to the area, helping the entire region work and function better.  Most patients only need 3 sessions of Votiva with most seeing an improvement in the first session alone.  Another side benefit is it actually helps incontinence too.


So I’ve made a chart based on my experience as a physician comparing cream to machine.  Lets see how they stack up:

Cream vs. Machine: Comparison Chart

Cream vs. Machine: Comparison Chart

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