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I wanted to show you what it looked like the day after I had four syringes of fillers placed in my face.   Dr. Shah did an amazing job with the injections.  His technique minimizes the chances  of bruising.

When injecting any neuromodulator, including Dysport or Botox, you want to inject before the lines form.  Getting maintenance injections every three months will help create a youthful appearance, and stop facial lines from forming.


Dr. Shah also worked a little bit underneath the eyes, the temples, the chin to bring it out, and just to touch in the lips. Even with three , four syringes, you can still look really youthful and  natural.

As you can see in the video below, I don’t have any makeup on and there’s minimal bruising, if any. I’m going to go do my usual activities such as taking my daughter to the doctor, go play tennis, parent teacher conferences, etc.


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Sometimes, a magician reveals their secrets. Today, the always gorgeous @drsameea reveals hers! When injecting any sort of neuromodulator, including Botox or Dysport, you want to inject before the lines form. Most people wait until they do, but it’s always best to do so before those lines start to show. Scheduling maintenance injections every three months also helps prevent the lines from appearing. We also worked a little bit underneath the eyes and the temples using fillers. We worked with her chin to bring it out and just a touch in the lips. With the help of a vein finder and distractor devices, we were able to minimize bruising and Dr. Sameea was able to go about her day looking and feeling rejuvenated. I believe the key to beauty is to look your best. Even with three or more syringes, you can do so and still look natural. Remember, until August 30th, you can get free Botox. Check out my Stories to find out how. • • • • #chicago #fillers #botox #freebotox #injectables #beauty #rejuvenated #facialfillers #naturallook #undereye #lips #chin #shahaesthetics #botoxday #botoxface #botoxfiller #finelines #fillerslips #aesthetics

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