There are several differences between The Mona Lisa Touch and the Votiva treatments.  Both are non-surgical treatments for vaginal rejuvenation, but they slightly differ in the mechanics, and targeted outcomes.


Mona Lisa Touch is a CO2 laser.  The CO2 laser is a light based energy, whereas the radio-frequency energy is used for the Votiva.  The Mona Lisa Touch is great for the dryness associated with menopause, however it does not work as well to treat the symptoms of vaginal laxity or stress urinary incontinence that the Votiva treatment is indicated for.



The CO2 laser doesn’t have an automatic temperature turn off, which the Votiva does. Because of this, There has been a few incidents of burns and irritation with The Mona Lisa Touch.


Most of the time I would recommend Votiva to any patient experiencing the following symptoms:



If you or anyone you know has been thinking about vaginal rejuvenation in Chicago, it is important to seek a physician’s advice in deciding what procedure is right for you.  Female Rejuvenation can be done on any woman ranging from 25-65 years old. If you have any questions regarding Vaginal Rejuvenation in Chicago click here to schedule a consultation.  

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