I recently sat down with one of my Female Rejuvenation patients.  She is almost done with her treatments, and wanted to talk about her experience.



Chicago, IL

April 12th, 2019


Dr. Sameea: Hey there Kay, nice to see you again!


Kay: Nice to see you too!


Dr. Sameea: Let’s start from the beginning.  What kind of symptoms were you having before you started your vaginal rejuvenation treatment?


Kay: Well, I wasn’t really able to  hold my urine.  I would have leakage, and would have to wear a liner almost every time I went out.  If I didn’t have a liner on I would be pretty afraid when I was out.


Dr. Sameea: What made you start looking into Female Rejuvenation and doing more research on the topic?


Kay: Well, I started looking for a procedure that wouldn’t require surgery.  The idea of surgery is pretty scary for me and I was happy to find this alternate to surgery.


Dr. Sameea: Who did you first talk to about what you were going through?


Kay: One of my best friends, she just had the same non-surgical Female Rejuvenation treatment done and spoke really highly of the process, and you as a provider!


Dr. Sameea: I remember her! You probably heard a lot from her, but what were your thoughts the first time you came in?  How did you feel?


Kay: Super comfortable, you were very friendly and super sweet.  I wanted to start the treatments that same day!


Dr. Sameea: Why did you choose our method of non-surgical, non invasive female rejuvenation instead of an invasive route?


Kay: As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been down that road before. I  really didn’t want to have surgery again especially if there was an alternative.  Luckily, I was recommended to you before I had to go through that process again.


Dr. Smaeea: Absolutely! We’re glad you were too.  What was the first treatment like?  How did you feel?


Kay: I was still a little nervous.  After the procedure started, I started feeling comfortable. I was surprised It only lasted around 30 minutes!


Dr. Sameea:  After a couple days went by,  how did you feel?


Kay:  After a couple of days I felt pretty good.   I really started seeing results after a week.  It was awesome! My leakage pretty much stopped!


Dr. Sameea: Fast forward to today.  How do you feel now?


Kay: I am not experiencing any leakage.   I have a lot more vaginal tightness, and the lubrication is really coming back.  Truthfully, I never thought I had a lubrication issue till after a couple of treatments.  I thought, “Wow, I’m so glad I got this done!


Dr. Sameea: How do you feel about the procedure and Votiva now compared to when you first started?


Kay:  Well my overall confidence has improved.  I feel like I can leave the house happier and less anxious.  I play a lot of sports and I haven’t felt this comfortable in a while.  Also, the heightened sensitivity has been great, my intimate life has been way more satisfying.   If anyone else is struggling with any issues such as leakage, or lack of tightness, I highly recommend this procedure for anyone.  It’s made me so happy and confident.


Dr. Sameea: Thanks Kay, I really appreciate you coming in today.  I know how hard it is to talk about something so intimate, but I’m glad you opened up.


Kay. No, thank you.


If you or anyone in Chicago IL, has been experiencing urinary incontinence, or any symptoms similar to Kay, contact our office here to set up a consultation.  Vaginal Rejuvenation is something every woman should consider as their body ages, or after child brith.  We are here to help.


Till Next time,

Dr. Sameea


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