“Female Diapers are designed to instantly absorb wetness for dry, comfortable incontinence protection. Drawing wetness away from the skin.  The thin pad seals in urine and odors ideal for bl-”


Okay, that’s enough. We get it.


Believe it or not, countless women rely on these types of products for their vaginal comfort. Female diapers help to  clean up that little ‘spurt of leakage’ that women don’t feel coming.  This solution is deemed convenient, and even Lisa Rinna and Kris Jenner have endorsed them! But, there is still something about female diapers that women just don’t find enjoyable.


Oh, right, it’s uncomfortable!


Women who use female diapers for leakage and urinary urgencies report changing their diaper 2-3 times per day, just to maintain the feeling of dryness down there. Aside from the physical comfort, there are some emotional insecurities with wearing them.


Buying them gets expensive too.


On average, female diapers cost about $80 per month! However convenient female diapers may seem, advancements in technology have reached a point to surpass convenience and have now fixed female urinary problems with long-term results.


Votiva is simple, non-hormonal, and non-surgical. This Radio-Frequency treatment is multipurpose to take care of a variety of concerns, such as stress urinary incontinence, severe dryness, and muscle laxity. With this form of treatment, women will never have to depend on Depends™.  



Here are three easy steps to feeling comfortable and confident with your Votiva treatments.

  1. Seek consultation with an experienced physician for symptoms assessment. Have the discussion and don’t be shy!
  2. Schedule your appointments considering your physician’s recommended time. Votiva treatments are recommended in a series of three treatments, each 4-6 week apart.
  3. Track your progress and start enjoying life confidently!


If you or anyone you know has thought about Vaginal Rejuvenation in Chicago IL, let them know that Votiva is an option.  Click here to schedule an appointment or book a consultation.  

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