Sugar Rush Alert! Sugar – the quick pick me up that many of us turn to when we need to wake up or crave a little boost! Did you know consuming too much sugar can cause weight gain, damage to internal organs, premature aging and the risk of disease? I find it amazing how many… Read More

The month of January can be cold, snowy, and grey. Luckily this is a great time to talk about women’s health. Given that the first month of the year is cervical cancer awareness month the best thing to do is to look back on when you had your last pap smear. If you have not… Read More

The Labia Majora and the Labia Minora are commonly the areas women want treated for the appearance of the outer vagina. Surgery does not appeal to most, but luckily there are other treatment options. Using thousands of tiny micro needles that probe the outer lips, collagen is restored resulting in a much tighter appearance. There… Read More It is important to get into a skin cleaning routine. Without proper cleansing, dirt and makeup can settle into pores, which can lead to inflammation and blemishes, as well as rendering any skin care products ineffective. To find out more about skin care treatments, click here. The First Cleanse If makeup or SPF has… Read More

  As 2017 comes to a close, it is a great time to start thinking about personal goals to achieve in 2018. Starting with a new and improved diet can help work toward desired body goals. I’m sure we all deal with the everyday stresses of energy drains, headaches, mood swings and just getting out… Read More