If you’re dealing with stubborn areas that you just can’t seem to shake, be sure to check out BodyFX. Just like Shay explains in the video she wishes to get rid of her little “pouch” which several women may deal with. The main goal for all woman is to feel confident and empowered by your body. It is a quick and easy non-invasive way to fix pesky tummy fat with BodyFX.

BodyFx has been shown in several studies to reduce fat. In 1 study patients were found to have lost an equivalent of 30% fat loss at 2.5 cm depth. The benefit of BodyFx is that the technology allows for patients to have controlled heat at the set temperature and uses the technique of bipolar radiofrequency with electroporation. Here the temperature is raised to 42 degrees centigrade and then over span of 10 minutes, radio pulses are used to disrupt the fat membranes when this temperature has been achieved. The advantage of this device is since heat is applied, contracture is to be expected allowing for patients to see both reduction of fat and contracture of the underlying tissues. With standard liposuction, especially in an older patient or one with lax skin, you can expect to see some laxity after treatment. With BodyFX, the need to trim excess skin has been obviated due to skin contracture through heat.

In addition, BodyFX has the advantage of being able to treat cellulite. Cellulite is created by dermal attachments to the skin in vertical manner in female patients. Male skin, which often does not have cellulite, has a criss crossed manner to attach to skin. BodyFx heats these dermal attachments and contracts the fat allowing for improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

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