Who is NOT an Ideal Candidate For Female Rejuvenation? Nov 2, 2017 | Votiva Female (or Vaginal) Rejuvenation with Votiva is a great procedural option for many women with issues with their pelvic area, but some women might not be a good candidate for getting this procedure. One such patient would be someone with Pelvic… Read More

Happy Halloween! I hope all the month of October has been full of pumpkin carving, creative costumes, and apple picking. In regards to costumes, my husband and I dressed as the cast from our favorite play Hamilton. As for our kids: a unicorn frappuccino, blue power ranger, and little red riding hood.  November is just… Read More

Votiva offers immediate results, with continued improvements over time. The growth in options for feminine health solutions has increased awareness for many health issues that were previously not addressed. As women age, their bodies face a host of new changes, from a loss in elastin and collagen, to physical trauma associated with vaginal childbirth, to… Read More

Hello, I am Dr. Sameea Shah and welcome to the Female Rejuvenation Chicago blog page. I thought I would quickly introduce myself before jumping into medical jargon –  but not to worry! Everything can be explained thoroughly and is quite easy to grasp what happens to a women’s body as she ages. I’ve been practicing… Read More