Cream vs. Machine

So you are reaching menopause and your body is changing.  Your doctor wants to prescribe a cream but is there a better way? A common question for me is what’s better? Cream vs. Machine? First of all, let’s talk about what we are trying to fix:  female function.  To put that in other words we… Read More

  Prepping for your Votiva treatment is really important is very important.  Here is a small list to be aware of before coming in for your first Votiva treatment.  It is important to not that this is a internal and external treatment.  In order to experience all the benefits of Votiva please look over this… Read More

  Hey everyone!   I wanted to show you what it looked like the day after I had four syringes of fillers placed in my face.   Dr. Shah did an amazing job with the injections.  His technique minimizes the chances  of bruising. When injecting any neuromodulator, including Dysport or Botox, you want to inject before… Read More

    “Female Diapers are designed to instantly absorb wetness for dry, comfortable incontinence protection. Drawing wetness away from the skin.  The thin pad seals in urine and odors ideal for bl-”   Okay, that’s enough. We get it.   Believe it or not, countless women rely on these types of products for their vaginal… Read More

  We all have our own insecurities that we don’t like to bring to the forefront. We simply dwell on them in our private thoughts. But what if we voiced today the common fact of the matter: women of all ages and all backgrounds have insecurities. The commonality of our insecurities is that we all… Read More

There are several differences between The Mona Lisa Touch and the Votiva treatments.  Both are non-surgical treatments for vaginal rejuvenation, but they slightly differ in the mechanics, and targeted outcomes.   Mona Lisa Touch is a CO2 laser.  The CO2 laser is a light based energy, whereas the radio-frequency energy is used for the Votiva. … Read More

  There are several things you want to consider when choosing a Vaginal Rejuvenation practice in Chicago IL.  Read through these helpful tips from Dr. Sameea to understand what you should seek out when choosing your female rejuvenation practice in Chicago, IL!     1.  The first thing you want to consider is an experienced… Read More

  It’s time to consider Vaginal Rejuvenation in Chicago IL, when you can’t do the things that you want to do in your life, such as riding a bike, run, or jump on a trampoline. Most of the time it’s because of stress urinary incontinence.  This means you cant hold in your bladder and you… Read More

  Thermiva, Mona Lisa Touch, and Votiva.  All three are non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments in Chicago, but patients want to know: Is one treatment better than the other?     First and foremost, women should consider these vaginal rejuvenation treatments if they experience any of the following symptoms:   Dryness Vaginal tightness Urinary incontinence Sexual… Read More

  I recently sat down with one of my Female Rejuvenation patients.  She is almost done with her treatments, and wanted to talk about her experience.     Chicago, IL April 12th, 2019   Dr. Sameea: Hey there Kay, nice to see you again!   Kay: Nice to see you too!   Dr. Sameea: Let’s… Read More